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Barres Case Studies

Case Studies

Ruifour, Kiltarlity

Location: Kiltarlity
Property Size: 220m²
Property Type: 5 Bedroom Dwelling New Build, 2014
Architect: William Young Architectural Services
Builder: Mackintosh Joinery
Installer: Millers Plumbing, Heating & Energy Services
David Menzies Electrical
David Meek Plumbing
Technologies: Schüco solar PV
OCHNSER Europa Mini IWP domestic hot water heat pump

Project Details

This new build client was keen to have a solar photovoltaic system but the roof orientation was not suitable. An alternative suggestion was proposed to have the panels ground mounted. The system comprised of Renusol consoles with Schüco panels mounted on top.

The Renusol consoles are 15° angled containers which were ballasted with gravel and rock. Each console allows the connection of one panel. No further anchoring is required. As the consoles are free-standing, it allowed the system to be orientated towards south to maximise the potential output of the system. To minimise losses, the inverter was mounted in a small wooden enclosure by the array. We have used this system on a number of projects now which require ground mounting.

The house is heated by conventional oil boiler with a wood burning stove in the lounge. To maximise the use of the solar PV system we fitted an Ochsner Europa Mini IWP domestic hot water heat pump. This extracts energy from the lounge which allows the heat pump to operate at a high efficiency while still producing 60°C water. The unit has an output rating of 2.2kW but only uses 600W of power to run. The PV system can produce 600W of power for much of the year which means as long as there is not a high demand for energy, the domestic water is heated for free.

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