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GASOKOL Solar Thermal Panels from Barres


What are Solar Thermal Panels?
Solar thermal (ST) panels use UV solar power to heat water. They can be mounted on-roof or as part of the roof and like PV panels they work best when south facing.

Why should I use Solar Thermal Panels?
Solar thermal will save you energy, provide hot water, and reduce CO2 emissions. They will also provide you will an annual payment under the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

What do I need in order to install Solar Thermal Panels?
Ideally you will need a good condition un-shaded roof with adequate space, facing in a southerly direction. The panels can also be mounted on the ground using frames.

How much energy can be generated by Solar Thermal Panels?
The energy generated varies depending on your location, how much space you have for panels and whether you have any shading issues.

The system diagram shown above shows a typical installation for a two panel system. The chart on the left shows the output provided by the solar panels if installed in the Inverness area.

The chart shows how much the solar panels would contribute to the domestic hot water production per month. More panels will contribute more, but it is important that the system is properly designed, in particular that the tank be matched to the number of panels.

Financial Incentives - Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Renewable Heat Incentive - Domestic
Applies to: Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass & Solar Thermal

The domestic RHI is a government scheme designed to provide financial support to people installing renewable heat generating technologies, and pays a set price for every kilowatt-hour of heat required to heat your home, over a 7 year period. The scheme is open to applicants in Scotland, England and Wales.

RHI summary:

  • All products must be MCS Certified
  • Any public grants received, will be deducted from the RHI
  • Tariffs will change annually in line with the Consumer Price Index

For up to date tariff information, please visit the Ofgem website

Click here for more information on the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) - Non-Domestic
Applies to: Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass & Solar Thermal

At present, commercial installations of the above technologies can apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which pays a certain amount for each kW of heat produced, fixed for 20 years.

For up to date tariff information, please visit the Ofgem website

For full information on the non-domestic RHI, please visit the Ofgem Non-Domestic RHI website.

Financial Incentives - Other

Other Loans and Grants
Depending on your location, other financial help may be available.

In Scotland: Interest free loans of up to 10,000 over 12 years, maximum loan and repayment term will depend on the technology being installed. Click here for more information on the Home Renewables Loans Scheme.

For full details on all available grants, loans and other financial help, please visit the Energy Savings Trust website:

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