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Barres Case Studies

Case Studies

Broadford Health Centre, Skye

Location: Broadford, Skye
Property Size: 470m²
Property Type: New Build Health Centre, 2012
Client: NHS Highland
Main Contractor: Global Construction
Installer: G & A Barnie Group Ltd
Technologies: OCHNSER GMSW 28 Ground Source
Heat Pump with OCHSNER web2com server

Project Details

This was a new health centre at Broadford on the Isle of Skye for NHS Highland. The building is heated by an OCHSNER 28 kW ground source heat pump. Incorporated into the system is a 500l OCHSNER buffer tank which feeds the underfloor heating manifolds via PAW pump kits and a 500l OCHSNER Unifresh tank which feeds the domestic hot water.

The primary energy comes from a ground loop system consisting of 1800m of 25mm MDPE pipe. Unusually, this was not installed in trenches but instead the whole area was excavated to 1.2m. The pipe was then installed much the same way as you would install an underfloor heating system.

Due to constraints on site, much of the area available for the ground loops had to be installed under the car park. Normally this is not recommended as much of the energy of a ground loop system comes from the rain.

This problem was overcome by use of a porous tarmac. Barres also assisted NHS Highland with their Renewable Heating Incentive application.


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