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Barres Plant Room - Progress

Our finished plant room

Equipment includes:

  • Ochsner GMLW 60 Air Source Heat Pump
  • Ochsner VHS-60 External Evaporator
  • Ochsner 1500 Litre Buffer Tank
  • Ochsner 500 Litre Uni-fresh combined Buffer & Hot Water Tank
  • Ochsner Europa Mini-IWP Hot Water Heat Pump
  • 3x PAW Heating Circulation Pump Kits

The heat pump, located in our building at 8 Carsegate Road, provides primary heating to the building, as well as primary heating to our main building at 16 Carsegate Road via an underground run of Rehau 2x 32mm insulated distribution pipe.

Wednesday 15th January 2014

The internal work in the plant room is now almost complete aside from the heat pump refrigeration pipe and our focus has now moved to our old building where we are installing a new buffer tank and Europa domestic hot water heat pump. This buffer tank will be fed by the 60kW Ochsner GMLW heat pump in the main plant room.

Monday 16th December 2013

The insulation jacket for the main buffer tank is now in place, and the expansion vessels will be going in soon.

Wednesday 11th December 2013

The main heating flow and return pipe up to the PAW pump kits has been installed, two of these heating circuits will heat our main building, and the other will heat a buffer tank in the building across the road. The buffer tank on the right has also been connected up. The flow and return pipes you can see leaving the room to the right are the pipes going to the existing oil boiler in the room adjacent, which is also getting connected into the system.

Outside the building, the concrete and gravel base for the evaporator will be going down shortly, along with the ducting for the pipe-work.

Wednesday 4th December 2013

In the picture on the right, you can see an Ochsner Europa IWP mini heat pump mounted on the wall beside the Unifresh tank. This unit is designed to provide domestic hot water, and has an output of approximately 2.5kW while only consuming 600W of electricity. It can also help to cool a room, as it draws warm air from the room, and returns cooler air back. We plan to use this to help cool the main open plan office. These units are also very useful in properties with solar PV - even on a slightly overcast day, it is likely that most PV systems will still be generating enough power to allow the Europa to run for free.

Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Preliminary fitting of pipe-work has begun. All pipe-work will be carbon steel and fittings will be Mapress.

Once finished, our plant room will be available for customers and installers to come and see the equipment running in a real life situation.

Monday 2nd December 2013

The biggest bits of equipment are now in place and ready to start running some of the pipe-work. The 1500 litre buffer tank is on the left, followed by the Ochsner GMLW 60 air source heat pump, and then the 500 litre Unifresh tank on the right. You can see now why we needed to remove the ceiling in here!

Friday 29th November 2013

This is our empty plant room, and we are ready to begin. The plant going in here will be used to heat our building, and our other building across the road using a long run of district heating pipe-work. Due to a minor measuring error, we discovered that the 1500 litre buffer tank we had ordered was too tall for the plant room, so we had to get the ceiling removed... whoops! However, it does mean we have a lot more space to work with and should make for a nicer looking and less cramped plant room.

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