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Solar PV - Photovoltaic Solar Panels from Barres


Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels turn light in to electricity. They rely on light rather than heat so although they work best in direct sunlight, they will still produce power even on a dull day. Barres can supply and install both domestic and commercial PV systems.

What do I need in order to install solar PV panels?
The ideal situation is an unshaded, south facing roof in good condition with plenty of space. Panels can also be mounted on a east/west facing roof and on the ground using a variety of methods. A normal electricity connection to the grid is also required.

What size of system can I install?
For domestic properties, the normal size of a PV system is up to 4kW. Above this size, feed in tariff rates drop and grid planning permission is required which adds extra cost and is not as cost effective unless going significantly beyond 4kW. The roof space available also becomes an issue when going above 4kW.

For commercial properties the maximum size is down to available roof space and budget, although the feed in tariff bands should be taken into account to ensure systems don't fall into a higher and lower paid band.

How much energy is generated by solar PV panels?
It varies depending on your location in the UK, how much space you have for panels and whether you have any shading issues. A typical domestic system of around 4kW will usually generate between 3200 and 3600kWh per year.

Benefits of Solar PV

What are the benefits of installing Solar PV?
The main benefit of Solar PV is the reduction of electricity usage from the grid, resulting in lower bills. Solar PV can also be used in combination with battery storage systems, allowing generated power to stored and used at times when sunlight is low or at night, maximising usage of the energy produced and further reducing energy bills.

Excess energy can also be used in other ways, such as powering electric immersion heaters to help with your hot water and heating.

There may also be financial incentives and help for installing Solar PV, for more information please see the financial incentives section below.

Financial Incentives

Depending on the technology being installed, there may be low interest loans or cashback available. Please see the links below for up to date information on what is available.

Energy Savings Trust:

Home Energy Scotland:

Why Choose PV from Barres?


We are pleased to partner with Viessmann, offering high quality panels manufactured in Germany. Coupled with SMA Sunny Boy inverters, our systems use equipment from companies who have a proven track record in Solar PV.

Viessmann panels have very closely matched cells. Many panels have an actual output of +5%/-5%. Viessmann panels have +5%/-0% which means that if a Viessmann panel is out of tolerance, you will always get more and not less. There are many cheaper chinese panels on the market which do not come with the same guarantees and may not give the rated output.

At Barres we stick with the products we know and trust, and you get a reliable system that is designed to last.

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