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Barres Case Studies

Case Studies

Crosshill Farm, Alness

Location: Alness
Property Size: 540m²
Property Type: 6 Bedroom Dwelling New Build, 2014
Architect: Reynolds Architecture Ltd
Electrician: A G Maclean Ltd
Installer: J&M Macleod Plumbing & Heating
Technologies: OCHNSER GMSW 28 Plus
OCHSNER touchscreen controller with web2com server
3 x TiSUN solar thermal panels
TiSUN Pro Clean stratified tank
Me8nder underfloor heating system

Project Details

This 540m² new build near Alness has underfloor heating throughout. The ground floor is heated by a traditional underfloor heating system in a concrete screed. The first floor was originally to be heated by oversized radiators, however Barres suggested using the new low profile Me8nder system which had just been introduced to the UK.

The Me8nder system comprises of 8mm PE-RT pipework clipped into rigid plastic mats. The total height of the me8nder system is 12mm and is finished off with a thin tile screed. The system has a quick reaction speed making it an ideal solution for first floors.

An OCHSNER GMSW 28 Plus ground source heat pump was installed to provide heating to the building. This is coupled to an 800l TiSUN Pro Clean stratified tank which provides direct heating and domestic hot water. Connected to the heat exchanger is a three panel TiSUN solar thermal system.

The energy for the heat pump is drawn from a 1200m x 32mm MDPE ground loop system. Rather than digging trenches, the client opted to excavate the entire area of ground required and the pipework was installed as you would an underfloor heating system.


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