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Barres Case Studies

Case Studies

Bruachan, Daviot

Location: Daviot, Inverness
Property Size: 400m²
Property Type: Property Extension, 2013
Installer: G & A Barnie Group Ltd
Technologies: Two OCHNSER GMLW14 Air Source Heat Pumps
Ochsner Mini Europa ASHP
OCHSNER web2com server
4kW Schuco Solar PV
Four TiSUN FM-S Solar Thermal Panels
TiSUN Pro-Clean 1500l Tank
TiSUN 300l FS1 Tank
Underfloor Heating with Duofor Plates

Project Details

This property was originally heated by oil with radiators. We supplied underfloor heating for the new extension installed on a joisted floor using Duofor plates. Duofor plates are galvanised steel dovetailed sheets which are laid on top of the joists with the underfloor heating fixed on top and self-levelling screed to make up the finished floor. This system is ideal for use with a heat pump as it can run at very low temperatures allowing for a higher seasonal coefficient of performance. It also offers good sound-proofing and fire resistance.


Two Ochsner GMLW 14kW air source heat pumps were fitted in a cascade, and connected to a 1500L Tisun Pro-Clean tank. The Pro-Clean tank is a combined buffer and domestic hot water tank, designed to be stratified allowing a higher temperature at the top for domestic hot water and cooler water at the bottom for the heating. The spherical solar heat exchanger on the side of the tank offers the unique feature that the solar heats from the top of the tank downwards, meaning that solar energy can be utilised quickly when it is available.


The domestic hot water is provided via a stainless steel coil in the Pro-Clean tank. Cold mains water is heated on demand through this coil, which then feeds a 300l TiSUN FS1 tank inside the house, heated by an Ochsner Mini Europa ASHP. This unit only uses 600W of power but supplies 2.2kW of heating and can also be used to ventilate and provide some basic cooling. Its low power requirement means that in winter months when the solar PV output is lower, there is still a decent amount of energy to run the mini Europa.

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