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Ochsner Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps from Barres

Why Ochsner?
Ochsner Heat Pumps

Ochsner have been designing and producing heat pumps for over 30 years, and have installed over 100,000 units in that time. They are at the forefront of heat pump design and produce some of the most efficient heat pumps on the market.

You canít just go out and buy an Ochsner heat pump. Ochsner insist on supplying through regional distributers. Each regional distributor has to pass rigorous inspection for quality, technical strength and financial stability. Barres are such a distributor and in turn, Barres has to select and work with quality system partners.

For an Ochsner heat pump to be produced, a detailed order form has to be completed by the system partner and the distributor, with over 60 different parameters regarding the project. That form accompanies the heat pump at all stages in the production process. Crucially, one person on the production line is responsible for the complete build of the unit. Before the unit leaves the factory it is inspected and tested and the controller is pre-configured for the project using the parameters specified. The form is then countersigned and returned to the UK along with the finished heat pump.

Such attention to detail ensures that each heat pump will give the best efficiencies and therefore genuine cost savings and maximum reliability for the end user.

For our part we only deal with Ochsner heat pumps as we believe it offers our clients the best possible solution for the project. There is no such thing as a standard system; every project is unique and we design the system to suit your lifestyle now and in the future. Investing in the right heat pump system is one of the biggest choices you will face in the specification of your project. When you invest in a heat pump system from Barres you are investing in a product that is going to provide you with the level of comfort you expect.

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