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Underfloor Heating from Barres

Why choose Underfloor Heating from Barres?

At Barres, we design every underfloor heating system individually to suit the project. We take special care when designing the pipe runs and positioning of equipment to make the system as comfortable as possible.

We also take special care when designing underfloor heating for use with ground source and air source heat pumps. That is another reason to use Barres for your entire project, we can look at the project as a whole, and design the components to compliment each other.

Whether you are designing a new build, a renovation, or even just a conservatory, Barres have an underfloor heating solution to suit the job.

CAD Drawings

Underfloor heating CAD drawing

At Barres, all our underfloor heating systems are individually designed to suit the property and the heat requirements. We supply detailed CAD drawings for your property, showing exactly how the pipe should be installed so that system performs at its best.

The image on the left is a small example of one of our drawings, and a full size version can be downloaded by clicking the image.

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